From now to december 22, 2012.

The 1st World Modelling Lab

Hi all friends of

Thanks to  Jose Luis Lopez Ruiz we decided to create this long term event that’s a kind of World Modelling Laboratory where, following a specific theme (for this first edition we choose Italian Army in WW2) worldwide modellers can share their works posting pictures and descriptions of building and painting processes, asking for and giving tips to the other modellers.


Built and paint any subject belonging to any of the Italian WWII (1939-1945) army branches, in any scale and any material (plastic, resin, paper, so on). Just a WWII kit, can be a truck, airplane, boat, tank, figure, possible “what if” of the period …. Anything that makes you fun!

The main objective is sharing with other modelers around the world our historical and modeling knowledge, and also our friendship. But most of all, having fun!

First at all, all those who want to participate, should identify themselves and say the model (or models for the brave modelers) they´ll make. There´s no deadline date for registration. It´ll be great if the participants include in their presentation the reason to choose the model, historical background and any other information that can be useful to other modelers. Even some modelers can share the same model, so they can really collaborate and help each other.

No matter if your kit is already partially assembled or completely assembled, you can join us!

The end of each participation will be the final pictures of the finished model, that´s all!

Obviously, not all modelers are in the same personal circumstances, so it is not mandatory active participation or include detailed step by step post of the building or the painting procedure. You can also post your kits in whatever other forums you want, we do not want rules, just a healthy environment to enjoy all together. This is not a competition, no prizes or rewards, just modeling for modeling and the chance to meet many other modelers around the world. What else?

Just at the end of the adventure, all the models will be posted in a gallery of the website “”

I´m sure that many prestigious modelers will join us and will share with us their techniques. So, this will be a great chance to learn and ask them directly about their works and “tips”.

The end of the adventure will be December 22, as we like to challenge the Maya!

Join now to the First World Modelling Lab working on Italian Army in WW2!

Join now to Italian Army!!