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It allows the connection (link) to the Portal via the so-called practice of “framing” (between the frames of the site making the link) or “deep linking” (links to pages within the portal). Quotations are allowed for the record, study, criticism or review, provided they are accompanied by the source (localhost/www.modellismochepassione.it – Static Military and Civilian Modelling), including the web address: http://www.modellismochepassione.it/, The author’s name and the case of texts. Collaborations with other sites / portals are like. Please get in touch via e-mail: scrivi@modellismochepassione.it. Any form of collaboration means free of charge.

If the elements (images, video and other) that appear in the portal were covered by the rights protected by the existing rules, the copyright holder or who has knowledge is encouraged to contact us (e-mail: scrivi@modellismochepassione.it) and the elements will be duly recognized by reporting the original source, or they will be promptly removed.

Will be made for the immediate removal of links to those sites / portals whose managers or owners or authors do not wish to be placed on the portal page after merely reporting via e-mail address: scrivi@modellismochepassione.it.

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Once granted the Content by the authors (users) and those articles published on the portal will become an inseparable part of it and then it will not require removal.

Exclusions of liability

The purpose of this portal is to provide accurate information and precise. To this end, the Administrator shall make every reasonable effort to ensure that materials and content published on the Portal are carefully selected and analyzed, are drawn with the utmost care and updated promptly.

However there may be errors, inaccuracies or omissions. We decline, therefore, any liability for errors, inaccuracies or omissions in the Portal.

Remains valid, the willingness to correct any inadvertent errors and inaccuracies following notification.

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Statement under the Law March 7, 2001, No 62.

In compliance with the new Italian law on publishing, we highlight the following information:

  1. Modellismochepassione.it is not a journal. Any text you type appears to have no predetermined or predictable basis. The updates consist of only the best and / or depth to what has been published without completely renovate the former contents.
  2. There is no editor. Is considered responsible for the content administrator: Andrea Maselli. Sensitive information about the law on privacy are protected in compliance with Legge 675/96 and Decreto 318/99.

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