When I tried to build this model, an HOTCHKISS H – 39 (an old kit no longer in production), I decided to enhance it to the best of my ability and capacity.

My goal was to realize all the deatils (internal and much more external) of it.

With the right documentation I began to study both internal and external details .

Then I went to work .


Some of the techniques I’ve tried  in this model were at the time a real experiment , in the true sense of the word . So  I risked a bit ‘ but at  the end it seems that it went well.

The model has been detailed with simple plastic card sheets (thickness 05 , 1 and 1.5 mm. ) epoxy putty and normal filler putty.

The changes are limited to doors self-built with greater care than the originals .(remebering the kit was quite old).

The effect of the rough cast  parts  has been obtained with a new (at least for me) technique.

With a grinding wheel mounted on the mini drill I treated the entire surface while avoiding the inscription in relief.

Do not force too much.

Then I used the nitro diluent with an old toothbrush and I have textured the entire surface of the stiff bristles picketing the interested surface.

If the effect is too hard, just go over everything with a brush or putty diluted with a little ‘ normal glue .


The interiors are those of self-constructed housing built with parts still in plastic card and always referring to the technical documentation of the means authentic .

Alessandro Artico