By Federico Toselli


Mat.: I-RVEG 6-43

Owner: Mr.Renzo Catellani


Engine: B.S./R.R. Viper 11

Wing span with tanks: ft 34.63

Wing span without tanks: ft 32,93

Length: ft 34,93

Height: ft 12,2

Wing area: sqft 204,51

Empty weight: lbs 4,930

Loaded weigt take-off: lbs 7,600

Max speed: mph 541

Cruising speed: mph 494

Service ceiling: ft 41,009

Range: miles 1,518

The Aermacchi MB.326 is an advanced training aircraft manufactured by the company Aermacchi in Venegono (VA) and entirely designed by Ing. Ermanno Bazzocchi.

Flew for the first time on december 10 1957 in Lonate Pozzolo flown by the Aermacchi’s chief test pilot, commander Guido Carestiato. Acquire by Aeronautica Militare Italiana, was the first aircraft with jet engine on which the patented new italian pilots in 1963 course Aquila 3° at flight school S.V.B.I.A. (Scuola Volo Basico Iniziale Aviogetti) based in Lecce-Galatina today 61° Stormo.